Seasonal Opening Hours

Low season (June – Sept)   Monday – Friday 9 am – 4pm  Saturday – By appointment only

Peak season (Oct – May)    Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm  Saturday 9am – 12 noon

For our current opening hours please refer to our Facebook page or call the office on 9524 5511 or 9524 5833


Be Waterwise

The Waterwise Councils Program was developed to promote sound water management and improve water use efficiency. Our Accredited Waterwise specialist can provide all the answers to your questions about waterwise irrigation design, whether you are starting a new project, renovating or replacing an existing system. Our technicians are qualified to install and maintain efficient garden watering system to an industry standard, whilst creating a low maintenance yet functional environment.

Lightning storms vs Reticulation Systems

After a storm, it is advisable to check your controller, reticulation and bore pump to ensure they are working correctly and to ensure the controller is set correctly.  There is a possibility that you may have had a power surge or even a direct hit which can cause problems with all reticulation components mentioned.

Reticulation and Landscaping in Rockingham, Baldivis and surrounding areas.

We can help with all your reticulation and landscaping needs, whether it be designing and installation of your retic system (with or without landscaping) servicing, fault finding, diagnosing and carrying out repairs. Our service areas include Port Kennedy, Secret Harbour, Golden Bay, Singleton, Rockingham, Baldivis, Kwinana and surrounding areas. The most efficient irrigation systems are those that deliver the right amount of water, to the right place, at the right time with minimal wastage. What’s right for your garden will depend on the size and style of your garden and the overall effect you want to achieve.


Tips for Winter

A permanent winter sprinkler ban applies to all scheme and bore water users in Perth, Mandurah and some parts of the South West, from 1 June to 31 August each year. Hand held watering and maintenance testing of bores is still permitted, before 9am or after 6pm, on rostered day.

Anyone using their sprinklers between June and August risks a $100 fine.

A malfunctioning irrigation controller cannot be used as an excuse for not complying with the winter ban, so please check your irrigation system – especially after a power black-out.

Autumn/Winter is a good time to upgrade your system so your garden and lawn is ready for the warmer months. Installing lawn and plants in the cooler months, enables them to establish a healthy root system before the warmer months are upon us.

Get Waterwise.

Look for the Waterwise approved symbol which has been endorsed by the Water Corporation to help you save water outside the home.

We are approved Waterwise specialists and can advise on reticulation products, as well as mulches, landscaping, plants and full irrigation systems to help maintain a healthy,  vibrant garden whilst caring for the environment.

Handy Hints

Don’t just set and forget your irrigation system. It is important to regularly check your system to ensure it is working correctly and has no leaks or blockages. As the seasons change, so do the water needs of your lawn and garden. If you do need to replace anything use good quality nozzles and sprinklers, it may cost you a little more initially  but they will last a lot longer and perform more efficiently

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